Wednesday, 4 September 2013

FYI - All blog posts now include............

So I've been pretty slack at remembering to put Amazon links on the bottoms of my reviews (Naughty blogger *smacks hand*).
To fix this problem I have been busy this morning and have gone and found most of the links and posted them at the bottom of the reviews.

Will try and remember to do this in future. 

So just letting you know that if you haven't found a book  or a series that I mentioned on here then you should find the link now :).

Also have done a update on My Badass Biker Book page to include the new book by Crystal Sprears - Withstanding Me. Review to come on 23rd when I do my bit for her Blog Tour :).
Definitely well worth the read!!!!

Right now off to go find my next book :)

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