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Long After - Cheryl McIntyre

Now I'm not gloating or anything when I say this but I've been very fortunate lately to and have a few ARC's from a few of my new favourite Authors. Some of them I've even had the chance to have a chat with thanks to the wonders of Social Media. My not so inner fangirl escapes more often than not and I generally start turning into the biggest geek girl. Hopefully all these Authors understand I'm really not a total nutcase from New Zealand, well at least I'm sure I'm not the only one (I'm sure theres plenty here hehehe).
So getting back on track here, I want to thank my lucky stars that I get to be on the book blog bandwagon and am making friends as I go along :). 

Anyway on with the reason for this post -  Long After by Cheryl McIntyre is the latest ARC I have received. I picked this book up yesterday at around 2pm and couldn't put it down. Chase and Annie's story is EPIC.

Ok I have found you can read this book as a stand alone but I do think you need to pick up the 2.5 books before it as Cheryl is AWESOME at telling stories that are real. Order goes like this (All linked to Amazon for your convenience - Sometimes Never , Blackbird - Sometimes Never Novella and Before Now - FYI These books are on special so be quick)
The more I read of this series the better it gets. Before Now was cemented as one of my Favourite Books and is listed as so on my goodreads favourite shelf so I jumped at the chance to read Long After as besides Park, Chase was one of my favourite characters from the Before Now.

Synopsis goes like this - For Annie Phillips, there is a right way to do things and everything has a place. College and her flawless GPA are top priority, as is planning her perfect future. Anything less than perfection is unacceptable. So when she meets Loden Guiles, she believes she has finally found her perfect happily-ever-after.

Chase Malloy is funny, loyal, and an all around nice guy. He’s also sloppy, tattooed, and undirected. All Chase wants to do is survive college, hang out with friends, and make music. Knowing his best friend’s step-sister since they were fourteen, Annie and he have always had a love-hate relationship. The last thing Chase expects is to fall for Annie, but he knows he’ll never live up to her idea of the perfect man.

On the outside, Annie and Loden’s relationship appears picture perfect. But behind closed doors, Annie quickly realizes Loden isn’t the man he pretends to be. Every time her not so well laid plans crumble, and Loden proves to be not so Mr. Right, Chase is there to pick her up and brush her off. Will she realize the perfection she’s been searching for has been in front of her all this time?

Oh Chase - You are so up my alley. I love your laid back attitude and your "arguments" with Annie are hilarious. I almost wish I had had a step brother growing up with a friend like you. I love characters who have what I refer to as the "Smartass" factor and you Chase have it in spades. I do also LOVE your taste in Music. The fact there are 2 Foo fighters songs in there makes me very happy, with one of them being one of my favourites - Everlong. You are more than welcome to come and change my Iphone Music anytime you like.

Annie - What can I say. I wasn't your biggest fan in Before Now but I love the fact you can hold your own against these boys with your witty comebacks and your take no prisoners attitude. I was so glad for you when you sorted your head out. Your need for perfection is something I can relate to. While I'm not OCD with the clean like you (I'm more on the Chase scale here) I do get you and love the way you finally get head around it so it doesn't rule your life. (Struggling to praise you for things and not include spoilers here so sorry this isn't more descriptive. READ this book and then you'll see why I'm happy with her by the end).

Loden - Hmmmmm well obviously this book is set up where I'm not meant to like you which I'm fully on board with as you are a grade A @$$hole. Enough said about you.

So again I say read the books before this as the Gang from past books make appearances, Park, Guy, Hope and the others. While it's not essential to know the backstory in my opinion it makes this story all the more great knowing the back stories of people (I'm a lover of series and love following character development and histories. For me it's like being part of the crowd and knowing these people like friends).

This book for me is now going in my Favourites Shelf and it has cemented for me that Cheryl is just awesome :).
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  1. JellyBeand - great review and very covering. My exact thoughts when it comes to Cheryl and her books. Watch out for her—she's going nowhere but up high on the favorite shelves ;)