Monday, 16 December 2013

A Beautiful Wedding - Jamie McGuire

Ok so this series is pretty special to me here at Lost at a Book Nz.
The First 2 books in the series - Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster were the some of the first books I reviewed back on the 2nd of June of this year (Read review here). It's funny how time flies when you're having fun huh. 

When Jamie came out and said she had a surprise and then came out and said that she'd written a novella for Travis and Abby's Wedding I was so excited, Just ask my poor friend whom got bombarded with texts every time there was a update with more details. I think she was sick of hearing about "The Wedding" by the time the book came out. So I decided to give her a break and tell you guys all about A Beautiful Wedding. (Small side note I actually finished this book a few days ago and have been side tracked with various things. Glad I finally have time to write this)

Warning that if you have been living under a rock and haven't read Beautiful Disaster or Walking Disaster then you need to read these first!

A Beautiful Wedding

Synopsis - You know that Abby Abernathy unexpectedly became Mrs. Maddox. But what do you really know?

Why did Abby pop the question?
What secrets were shared before the ceremony?
Where did they spend their wedding night?
Who else knew about it . . . and didn’t tell?

Everything about Abby and Travis’s elopement was top-secret . . . until now. Fans of Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster will get all of their questions answered in this whirlwind tale of the wedding day (and night!)—and as with all good stories, this one will definitely have been worth the wait

It's been awhile since I caught up with Travis and Abby. It was like being invited to an old friend's wedding. I couldn't wait. I loved these 2 and this book just makes me want more.

Having been 6mths since I read the other books I had all these memories come back from them as I was reading. I love how that can happen with books in a series. Definitely shows you that they are favorites. It's like you're recalling a story a friend told you about. That is exactly how I felt about this book and getting to go to the wedding well icing on the cake.

I still love Travis and Abby very much and wish Jamie would give us more about Travis and Abby or the Maddox brothers as I know I'm not the only one who is far from finished with these guys. I understand the Maddox Brothers will get books. I can't wait!!!!

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