Monday, 20 January 2014

Help!! What next????

Well one good thing about my Amazon Ban is I discover that I have some awesome books hidden away there. Of course there was really no doubt about this as they made it onto my kindle to begin with but still I'm kicking myself for not finding these books earlier.

As some of you may of seen on Facebook I have a list I'm going through at the moment. Your thoughts on said list would be much appreciated.
I've taken Creed off the list as I've just finished it.

So as you can see these are the options for what is next -

  • Club Shadowlands - Cherise Sinclair - This one ended up on my kindle as I think i one clicked it when it was free. Looked good. Just not sure whether I should save this book until my amazon ban is over, With series' I have a habit of wanting to read one straight after the other
  • Heaven and Hell - Kristen Ashley - Again was lucky enough to grab this one while it was on special (Click here).
  • The Current Between Us - Author Kindle Alexander - Was really lucky with this one. This one is one that I was gifted by Kindle. Will definitely it soon. Just need a bit of mixture in my reading. Have done 2 M/M books close together.
  • Finding Cinderella - Colleen Hoover - It's Colleen Hoover and it was free, What more can I say? Oh right it's still free (Click here).
  • The Last Hour - Charles Sheehan-Miles - This book is the 3rd in the series. The one after Just Remember to Breathe, Couldn't resist getting a hold of that!!!
  • The Opportunist - Tarryn Fisher - I have heard so many good things about this book and again the cheapskate in me grabbed it when it was cheap.
  • Ten Days of Perfect - Andrea Randall - This one looked really good and was recommended on facebook by one of the blogs I follow there (Yup I'm a blogger that follows blogs. Funny that huh).
Seriously people I need you help. With the above list where would you start? Either leave a comment below or jump on facebook and let me know what you think.

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