Friday, 21 February 2014

Angels in Leather - Bella Jewel

Where to start with this book?
I loved it. I am always in the mood for a good Biker book and this one did not disappoint.

Angels in Leather

Synopsis - A girl on the run.

Her father gave her one task before he died. To deliver a package.
Now she has the baddest biker in the state after her.

He wants what she's got.

Secrets in both the past and the present threaten to destroy what she is working so hard for.

He threatens to ruin her heart.

Two worlds will collide to make something explosive.

The book follows Meadow and Axel as they play a cat and mouse game all over the country, after Meadow's father gives her a USB stick and tells her she needs to get it to someone in L.A. He tells her it's important and she needs to go. Her father then dies and she's left to figure out what to do.

She spends a lot of time running from Axel. She knows he wants the USB, she doesn't know whats on it but given her father's instructions she knows she can't give it to him.

Axel needs that stick to keep his club out of trouble. It's extremely important that the cops don't get it or his club could go down. So he puts a lot of time and energy trying to catch Meadow.

These two have a past with Axel having known Meadow since she was little.
Things turn interesting when He finally catches up with her and it seems the past isn't as black and white as what Meadow thinks. Add the fact that Axel is broken due to things that have happened to him this story gets to the point where you can't put it down. It's a matter of "what on earth is going to come out next".

I loved the fact that Meadow was a strong female lead. She'd have to be to not break down while she's on the run. She's got her head screwed on and is not going to let Axel and his biker brothers walk all over her.

Axel is very much beautiful damaged goods. He is definitely hot alpha biker. He tries to keep his club out of trouble and Meadow alive as well as deal with the enemy is certainly no small feat. He takes everything in his stride. His temper gets the better of him and his frustrations with circumstances gets a bit explosive sometimes. How Meadow handles him is definitely what he needs.

Have added this book to my Bad Ass Biker page for those interested. It's definitely a good read for people that like these Biker Books.

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