Thursday, 10 April 2014

COVER REVEAL - Entrusted (Club Destiny 6.5) - Nicole Edwards

Oh I'm so excited about this. I'm extremely fortunate to be apart of this surprise cover reveal (This is so hot of the press, watch you don't burn your hands).

Please note this novella follows on from Perception so if you haven't read it yet, there is still time (Click here for review and Click here for link to Amazon)


Synopsis - Elijah Penn

Handsome. Successful. Single.

And looking for a polyamorous relationship.

It has been four years since his wife died, but Elijah knows that there will never be another woman who will claim his heart and he isn’t willing to replace her. He isn’t interested in marriage, but he is interested in something with a future.

Logan and Samantha McCoy

Attractive. Ambitious. Married.

And looking for a polyamorous relationship.

Logan and Samantha spent the last year and a half avoiding a very specific desire that neither of them can quite let go of. They aren’t interested in a casual fling with a stranger, so they’ve been holding back.

Is it possible that the three of them have stumbled upon something that just might be the answer to all of their desires? 

This book is out on May 1st.

The book is already awesome, here's why -
"As many of you know May is National Mental Health Awareness month and with Nicole’s own daily battle with depression, this topic is very close to our hearts.  Last year we had honor of being invited by Denise Milano Sprung to team up with the Keith Milano Memorial Fund (  , ) a fantastic organization that brings awareness to Mental Health issues, education, and support through the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. We feel that with the help from you and all our fantastic readers, we did a tremendous job last year fundraising!!

This year Denise has extended her invitation to us again to join forces with her, Keith Milano Memorial Fund,  AFSP and many other fantastic authors to make this May even better than last year! We are honored to be able to participate again this year!

With that being said, while this is not public knowledge yet, to kick off our donation drive on May 1st, we will have a Club Destiny Novella being released for May Mental Health Awareness! A portion of not only that book but all our Club Destiny sales in May will go towards the fundraiser."
So get your kindles ready because this book is coming!!!!!

Click here for Pre-Order Link on Amazon

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