Thursday, 14 January 2016

So here is the plan

Right this post is more to reassure people that I haven't dropped off the face of the planet.
I'm currently reading Full Domain by the amazing Kindle Alexander in preparation for my blog tour day happening on the 18th. Now this is normally not a drama but add a 1yr old (Yes my baby turned one, where did that year go?) who seems to have a knack of knowing when Mummy wants to read and have chill out time and it turns into a mission. I will succeed though because you all need to know how awesome the this next instalment of the Nice Guys series is.

So to keep you all in the loop with what I plan on doing next and hopefully give you something to look forward to, I'll be recapping 2015 and my top reads, Adding this to my Lists page.

I also owe the wonderful Kathryn Andrews a review for her book Blue Horizons.
I also still have to work out how to move my Kristen Ashley Alpha List over from the old website and yes I need to update it as she's got a couple of guys that need to be added to the list.

So as you can see I have a bit of work ahead of me. I also need to catch up on some of the new releases that are waiting for me on my kindle (Sebring - Kristen Ashley and Inked on Paper - Nicole Edwards just to name a couple). So keep your eye out for those reviews as well.

Ok back to reading. Fingers crossed the baby lets Mummy catch up with Kreed and Aaron lol.  

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